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Explore, discover and capture moments to help our planet

Active Learning is part of a global citizen science project to capture how our dynamic world is changing over time. Whilst encouraging you to get outside and be active, you will learn about the natural environment along the way. All you need is a smartphone and a sense of adventure to explore the trails.

Help valuable research with your contributions

Help valuable research with your contributions

Active Learning – part of a global citizen science project to capture changing nature

Active Learning has partnered with CoastSnap, to bring you the opportunity to collaborate in a global citizen science project that tracks the changing environments through time.

Active Learning relies on your repeat photos to track how the environment is changing over time due to processes such as storms, human activities, rising sea levels, and other factors. By getting involved you can really make a difference, with your photos being transformed into valuable data; used by scientists to understand and forecast the impacts of climate change on different environments in the coming decades.

Active Learning combines science, education and nature, all whilst improving your health and wellbeing through getting outside and being active.

Explore the locations below to see where you can get started and find out about the hidden gems right outside your door.

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All of our locations have been selected due to their stunning location and form part of a series of integrated wellbeing trails. Each location is distinctive, uniquely combining a range of attributes from remarkable heritage to spectacular biodiversity to the visible impacts of climate change. Submerge yourself in nature as you take to our trails to learn about the world we live in. Walking trails that are good for the mind, body and soul.