Team GB Family Activity Trail

Withernsea Team GB – Silver Medal Route




Medal Route

Head up to the north end of the promenade for the silver medal route and look out for 12 signposts!

Feel free to start your walk at any point on the trail. 

Estimated walk time: 45 minutes 

Explore with fun and games!

Peaceful Promenade

Start off at Pier Towers, making sure to pop into Valley Gardens before walking up the promenade. They’ll be 3 signposts on the way, so keep your eyes peeled! 
When you get to the top of the promenade you’ll find a huge greenspace, just make sure to stay in a safe area close to your family!

Find the Fire Station

Head down the B1242 (look out for the hidden sign at the bus stop) before cutting down Walter Street. Can you spot the fire station? Look out for the sign to try out a firefighter challenge! Head out onto Queen Street (and stop for a snack if needed!).

Playful Parks

Then, go down Station Road to Millennium Green Play Park. This is a great place to run around and have a go on the play equipment! 
Once you’ve finished playing, head back out onto Park Avenue and look for the bus stop outside of the library for an activity.  
Cut down the side street to the right of the library into Italian Gardens, making sure to look for the sign! 
Finally, go over to the memorial gardens for your final activity before making your way back to Pier Towers.

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