Withernsea Trail

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Hello Withernsea!

Explore with fun and games!


You are worthy

A route that deserves a podium finish! Look out for the 15 activity points on your route!

You can start anywhere along the route, but a good central point is Pier Towers. From there, head to Valley Gardens and Millennium Green Play Park for some park games!

The road tour

Head down Park Avenue, and make sure to have a look up Queen Street to find the hidden activity on the bus stop, before heading down to the corner or Kirkfield Road.

Follow Kirkfield’s round to find the next 2 activities!

Then cut down Highfield Road where you’ll find an activity (and 3 benches for a rest stop!)
Head down Golf Links lane to your next activity, which will bring you back out onto Queens Street.

Take a break and enjoy the view

Make your way to the promenade via Louisville Avenue.

You could stop here for a picnic on the grass or the beach! While you’re there, try out the Team GB activity, but also keep an eye out for any other activities! Can you find a wooden post? This can be used to put your phone in to help measure coastal erosion. Can you spot a puffin or a picture of a fossil? If you do, make sure to take a picture!

In the end

Then head all the way back down the promenade. There are 5 more activities on your way back to Pier Towers, so keep an eye out! (Hint: have a look near the Lifeboat Station, Belvedere Park, Italian Gardens, and Memorial Gardens!)

Staying at the Golden Sands Holiday Park? You could start the route at point 1 right on your doorstep!

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Already live near the trails?

No problem! You can start the trail at ANY of the points on the map, and still enjoy all the fun activities and challenges!

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