Hornsea to Mappleton Trail

Follow the trail & share your coastsnaps!

Discover the four photo posts installed along Hornsea’s seafront. Find each individually crafted post, take your photo and most of all enjoy the stunning coastline and views over the beaches and down the coast.

When you share an image you’ve taken from one of our photoposts – either via social media using the post’s hashtag, or using the CoastSnap app – you’ll become part of a community of citizen scientists helping to monitor coastal change.

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Walk waypoints

The trail starts to the north of Hornsea and moves south along the seafront to Mappleton. Follow the full trail, or pick it up using the What3Words locations listed for each post location:

Hornsea North #hornseakittiwake What3Words: ages.miracles.premature

Hornsea Marine Flower #hornseamarineflower / #hornseasamphire What3Words: ahead.nutty.ankle

Hornsea South #hornsearazorbill What3Words: decking.sketching.defectors

Mappleton #walkingtonpost / #mappletonfossil What3Words: impact.aspect.parkland

Explore the Locations

Hornsea North

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Hornsea Marine Flower

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Hornsea South

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Explore, discover and capture moments to help our planet

CoastSnap works by enlisting members of the public to take part in our global citizen science project, to capture through your smartphone images of how our dynamic world is changing over time.

By using something called Photogrammetry, scientists can use your photos to make maps at an accuracy similar to that of professional survey team. This is why each location has a camera cradle for you to use and precisely orient your phone and photo. All the information can be recorded via the App or uploading to social media channels. The more photos we have of a particular location, the better our understanding becomes of how environments, such as coastlines, are changing over time, and thus helping communities, local government and stakeholders to better manage these valuable environments.

Add your snap

1. Visit one of our CoastSnap locations.
2. Open the app and create an account with your email address.
3. Select the CoastSnap station for your location.
4. Add your photo using the plus button to ‘update spot’ and follow the on-screen instructions.
5. Place your phone within the cradle so that the camera is facing away from you and is in the correct landscape position.
6. Complete the ‘update spot’ form in the app and save your snap to submit it. You can also upload a recent photo from your gallery.
7. If you don’t have the CoastSnap app, you can still share the photo via social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter handles)
8. Take the snap and share it via on our social media channels using the location hashtag #bemptonpuffin

What happens to my snap?
We will use your CoastSnap images to map the way the environment changes over time. Your image is an accurate record of the locality at that moment. Your image will become part of a community database and will enable us to monitor how different environments are changing through time, creating time-lapse movies of the location.