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Team GB Activity

How far can you jump?

Long jump

The long jump is a well-known Olympic athletic event, and is easy to try out yourself!

Let’s begin!

Create your line

  • Create a line where you will be jumping from and mark it with an item you have on you.


  • Then all you have to do is run up to the line and jump as far as you can.

Measure your distance

  • Get someone to mark your jump.
  • In the Olympics, this is marked at the furthest back part of your body to touch the ground (e.g., it could be the back of your foot).

Compare your distance

  • If you’ve got a tape measure on you, see if you can compare you distance to animals and athletes below:
  • Did you know, the men’s World Record long jump is 8.95m (Mike Powell in 1991), and the women’s World Record is 7.52m (Galina Christyakova in 1988)!

Who in your group can jump the furthest?

Unlock your achievement badge



Cycling at the Olympics has grown over the years. Track cycling and road cycling were included back in 1896! Since then, mountain biking, BMX racing, and BMX freestyle have been added.

Congratulations, you just earned a badge!

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Honey bee waggle dance!

Did you know honey bees tell other honey bees about where a good spot for nectar is by dancing? It’s called a waggle dance – check out the video below!

Now it’s your time to have a go!
Find a point that will be your flower.
Now walk in a straight line to your flower while waggling your body side to side.
When you get to the flower, show your best dance move, then turn either left or right and loop back to your starting point (making sure to waggle your body at the same time!).

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The University of Hull and Team GB Partnership

The partnership between the University of Hull and Team GB is based on the belief that everyone is extraordinary, and, we are there to support our students to help them find it, the same as Team GB supports athletes to do the same. We believe that extraordinary doesn’t just happen – it takes hard work and determination with the right opportunities to achieve what they never thought was possible.

Using the exclusive opportunities, we have as part of our partnership has enabled us to inspire our students, staff and community to achieve their own extraordinary.

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