Hull Trails – Signpost 2

Team GB Activity

Everyone gets to be a captain in this challenge!

Follow the team captain

Choose 1 person to be the first team captain (don’t worry, everyone will end up being captain!).

Everyone in the group should start in a line, with the team captain at the front.

The team captain will walk along the waterfront towards the next signpost while showing off their best moves for 20 seconds! It could be dance moves, exercise moves, or anything of your choosing!

Everyone else in the line needs to copy the team captain.

Once the 20 seconds are up, the team captain will run to the back of the line, leaving a new person at the front to be the captain.

They will then have 20 seconds to show off their best moves for everyone to copy!

Keep switching the captain every 20 seconds until you reach the next signpost.

This activity was suggested by students from Stepney Primary School and Withernsea Primary School.

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Did you know there is no such thing as a seagull? Instead, there are around 6 common species in the UK and around 50 in the world!

Lesser black-backed gulls

  • Look out for this gull’s yellow legs and bill and long wings
  • These gulls are summer visitors and like to hang out around The Humber as well as on the roofs of buildings, so make sure to look all around you to see if you can spot any!

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Great black-backed gulls

  • These are the largest gulls you may come across and have pink legs and bulky bodies.
  • Although they may be hard to spot as they like to mix with other gulls, they do like to dive down and scavenge for food!

Want to track your sightings

You can use the iNaturalist app to record your observations, wherever you are: it could be birds, flowers, insects, or plants!

Thank you to Dr Africa Gomez at the University of Hull for providing information and images of Hull’s local gulls. If you want to learn more about urban birds in Hull, please check out Dr Gomez’s blog Wild at Hull.

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The University of Hull and Team GB Partnership

The partnership between the University of Hull and Team GB is based on the belief that everyone is extraordinary, and, we are there to support our students to help them find it, the same as Team GB supports athletes to do the same. We believe that extraordinary doesn’t just happen – it takes hard work and determination with the right opportunities to achieve what they never thought was possible.

Using the exclusive opportunities, we have as part of our partnership has enabled us to inspire our students, staff and community to achieve their own extraordinary.

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