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Team GB Activity

Practice these activities on your own!

Shadow boxing

One training method for boxers is shadow boxing, meaning you just do the boxing on your own!

Make sure you’ve got plenty of space between yourself and others, and try out these five moves.

Start by standing with one foot in front of the other with your fists up to your nose.

Let’s begin!

Jab and Cross

  • For a ‘jab’, punch straight in front. If you’re stood with your right foot in front, punch with your right arm (and vice versa).
  • For a ‘cross’, you want to punch across your body and twist as you punch forwards.
  • If you’re stood with your right foot in front, punch with your left arm (and vice versa).

Upper cut

  • Drop your elbow down and punch upwards until your fist is in line with your eyes.
  • Do this on both sides!


  • Raise your elbow up so your forearm is horizontal.
  • Then curve a punch forwards as if you’re trying to ‘hook’ something!


  • Imagine you are avoiding a punch this time!
  • Move your head slightly forwards and to the right or left (depending on where you are imagining dodging the punch from)

Ready to put your new skills to the test? Watch the video and follow along with Team GB Olympic Bronze Medallist Anthony Ogogo!

This activity was suggested by students at Priory Primary School, Stepney Primary School, and Sirius West Academy..

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Did you know, hockey was first introduced to the Olympics in 1908, where Great Britain and Northern Ireland won 4 medals! England won gold, Ireland claimed silver, and Scotland and Wales were both awarded bronze medals. Now, all the countries compete together as Team GB, rather than individual nations!

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Active Learning – Signpost help

Check out the videos to work out what type of waves you can see. Are they constructive or destructive?

Team GB Activity – Signpost help

Easy – Crescent Moon
Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your arms stretched up to the sky with your palms together.
Hold for 10 seconds on each side and repeat 5 times

Medium – Bridge
Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor.
Raise your lower body off the ground, so only your feet and shoulders are touching the floor.
Hold for 10 seconds and repeat 5 times.

Challenging – Warrior I
Lunge forwards with your front knee bent and your back leg straight.
Stretch your arms up to the sky and tilt your head back slightly.
Hold for 20 seconds and repeat on the other side.

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The University of Hull and Team GB Partnership

The partnership between the University of Hull and Team GB is based on the belief that everyone is extraordinary, and, we are there to support our students to help them find it, the same as Team GB supports athletes to do the same. We believe that extraordinary doesn’t just happen – it takes hard work and determination with the right opportunities to achieve what they never thought was possible.

Using the exclusive opportunities, we have as part of our partnership has enabled us to inspire our students, staff and community to achieve their own extraordinary.

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