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Team GB Activity

Judo is a great sport to challenge your balancing skills!


Have a go at any of these simple judo-based exercises – you can do them without needing a partner!

Check out the video from athletes to help you out (and discover more challenges to try)!

Let’s begin!

Challenge 1 – Spinning balance


  • Place anything you have on you as a marker on the floor.
  • Balance on one leg and move the other foot in a circle around your marker, whilst keeping both feet touching the ground.


  • Want to make it more challenging – try out this spinning variation!
  • You will do the same as what you did in the easier challenge, but this time you need to hop around in a circle on your standing foot.
  • Try not to touch the marker with your other foot as you do it!
  • How many can you do in 10 seconds?

The Japanese name for the move in judo that inspired this activity is called “Ippon Seoi-nage”!

Challenge 2 – Posture

  • For this challenge, use something soft that can be balanced on your head (a rolled up sock would be great for this!).
  • Once your object is balanced on your head, take a step forwards and turn 180 degrees (to face where you were just stood)
  • Then squat down as far as you can go before standing back up straight.
  • How many can you do before you drop your object?

The Japanese name for the move in judo that inspired this activity is called “Ippon Seoi-nage”!

Challenge 3 – One-leg balance

  • Grab your marker and hold it in one hand.
  • Then, balance on one leg, bend down, stretching out your other leg behind you and place the marker on the floor.
  • Make sure to keep your back and leg in a straight line
  • Then stand back up straight. See if you can do 5 of these on each leg.

The Japanese name for the move in judo that inspired this activity is called “Uchimata”!

Challenge 4 – Backwards rocking

  • Final challenge – this is really important for judo athletes to keep them safe during their sport.
  • Start in a standing position with your feet shoulder width apart.
  • Then drop into a squat position all the way down until you are seated on the floor.
  • Then rock onto your back, before rocking forwards to get back into your standing start position.
  • Try to do this activity without putting your hands on the floor!

The Japanese name for this move in judo is called “Ukemi”!

How many of the challenges could you complete?

This activity was suggested by students from Stepney Primary School and Priory Primary School.

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Looking for a fun activity to try at home?

Check out the video to learn how to do frying pan table tennis (but make sure to check with a parent first)!

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