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Feel free to keep switching out the dance master!

Dance Master

You’ve probably played Chinese Whispers before, but this challenge created by some local students adds a fun twist to the game using dance moves!

One person will be the dance master, who will be creating the dance sequence. 

Let’s begin!

Step 1

  • Everyone needs to stand in a line, one behind the other, facing away from the dance master.
  • The person closest to the dance master (dancer 1) will turn around to face them.

Step 2

  • The dance master will then show dancer 1 the dance sequence they made up.
  • Dancer 1 must try and remember the sequence and show it to the next person in line (Dancer 2).

Step 3

  • This will carry on down the line (Dancer 2 shows Dancer 3, then Dancer 3 shows Dancer 4) until you get to the last person.

Step 4

  • The final dancer will show the dance sequence to the whole group.
  • The Dance Master will then reveal what sequence they made up to see if it stayed the same all the way down the line!

Who was the ultimate dance master in your group?

This activity was suggested by students from Sirius West Academy.

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