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On your marks… Get set… GO!

100m sprint

You might’ve spotted this activity on the signpost!

One of the most well-known Olympic events is the 100m run.

The length of the dock wall is around 100m, so here is your chance to see how quickly you can run 100m!

Let’s begin!

Test your 100m time

  • Start at one wall and run as fast as you can to the end wall (making sure to keep a safe distance from others).
  • Ask a friend or family member to time you!
  • Did you know the Men’s world record is 9.58 seconds (Usain Bolt in 2009) and the Women’s world record is 10.49 seconds (Florence Griffith-Joyner in 1998)!

Compare your scores

  • Compare your scores to how quickly different animals can run 100m!

Compare your scores to the animals and athletes! Which animal could you run faster than?

Unlock your achievement badge



Did you know, there are two types of basketball now played at the Olympic Games? There’s the traditional 5-a-side basketball, and also 3×3 basketball, with 3 players on each team playing on half a court, trying to score only in one basket!

Congratulations, you just earned a badge!

Share your achievement badge on social media using the hashtag #TeamGBActivityTrail

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Team GB signpost answer

Did you work out the ‘Did you know’ question on the signpost? The question asked you to fill in the gaps to work out what Team GB encourages you to do.

The answer is:

Believe in Extraordinary!

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Active Learning signpost support

At low tide, when the mudflats are exposed, you could check for otter tracks and House Martins collecting mud for their nests!

Check out this picture of otter tracks! Can you see any?

If you want more information about House Martins, take a look at this blog post!

Thank you to Dr Africa Gomez for the images via the Wild at Hull blog.

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The University of Hull and Team GB Partnership

The partnership between the University of Hull and Team GB is based on the belief that everyone is extraordinary, and, we are there to support our students to help them find it, the same as Team GB supports athletes to do the same. We believe that extraordinary doesn’t just happen – it takes hard work and determination with the right opportunities to achieve what they never thought was possible.

Using the exclusive opportunities, we have as part of our partnership has enabled us to inspire our students, staff and community to achieve their own extraordinary.

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